Sonic Lectures @Centrum Berlin - Musos wanted


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I'm putting together something at Centrum - our art/music space in Berlin - a series of event called Sonic Lectures. The idea is that each lecture will be a combination of music played and presentation materials to explain theme and go through the track played, explaining their importance etc. The idea is that the lectures will broaden our understanding of music and its context. I'm seeking contributions from individuals who are interested in telling the story of a particular area of music.

Any dissensuser interested please email david at centrumberlin dot com and I'll send further details together with a template for a short submission. Events are planned from September 2011 till August 2012 and all will be represented as part of a podcast series. We don't have funding, so we can't foot any travel costs etc.


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Cool. Will have a think. Just made the move to Berlin, so I will at least attend!
Is the Centrum blog the best way to hear of what you get up to?


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Excavating the Future

is the theme i am proposing: together we will examine various archival recordings of indigenous, traditional, and tribal music from around the world which sound like they are from the year 5378.


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ok berliners - zhao is strutting his stuff this Sunday night