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Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985-1992

features some funny chat

so much funny chat in this mixtape

"heh heh, 'science'? you fucked up, that's what you did, that wern't no fucking science!, wot you talking about? "

"come quick man .. any type of light... any kind of torch man," ( a recurring theme )

"wicked tune!"

"hold tight all people who used to rave with the ladies choice"

"everyman in the place find a partner right now!"

"everybody find a partner, everybody find a fucking partner fucking right fucking now!"

"are you dancing with your brandy? No problem.."

(^ man on the mic gets more & more vex'ed )
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All Bad Boy & All Good Girl: Manchester Street Soul Soundtapes, 1988-1996

A mixtape pulling together extracts from soundsystem tapes out of Manchester's storied street soul scene of the late 1980s to mid-1990s. Featuring DIY cassette recordings of sounds such as Broadway, Stereo Dan & Soul Control playing live at dances and blues parties in south & central Manchester from 1988 through to 1996.

Side A

Side B

more serious &moody vibes than the London mixtape I posted above


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ok, @catalog deleted his post about the amazing version of '`Rose Royce" vs "Sleng Teng" "Love Don't Live Here Any More" that the Moss Side crew* chat over at from about 20:08, I feel I have to assume the role of the Archivist...

skip to 20:08, you're in for a treat

Sleng Teng vs Rose Royce

"special request!"


"easy baad boy!"

"yes, all crew!"

"hold tight!'

"yeah, easy!"


"hold tight massive!"

"hold tight!"

" You know!"

" Yeah! "


"all the whistle in the place!"

" blow the whistle!"

* ok, it's Broadway Sound, Gooch in the place, etc.,
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Yeah sorry I deleted it cos I realised you already mentioned this tape and I must've not noticed at the time. But that particular section is excellent.


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love the tag on the 93 tape:

#big man ting

for those too lazy to click on a link

Gooch 93

Broadway - 1992 PT 1

Broadway - 1992 PT 2

can't believe I posted these on another site over ten years ago and forgot to post them here...

thanks @catalog for jogging my memory

"style after style"
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I thought I'd posted that one here before, but anyway, when i played that one in the "office' I got one of my co-workers to ID every tune but i stupidly didn't actually write down any of the titles...


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Broadway Celebrating Barry G ( Moss Side Talk TV )

sad news that legendary Manchester soundman General Barry G passed away the other week

Broadway Sound pay tribute

edit: just spotted one of my neighbours on the mic


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more from the Broadway tribute to "fallen soldier" legendary MCR soundman Barry G, later in the evening, it's hotting up


the roof is on fire!


let's go!

@ 6:07 - 6:41 - failed seduction! lady in white walks away, greybeard pretends nothing happened

I'm not going to say "menopause", but a lot of Japanese style paper fans being waved about in these videos*

edit: about 17 mins in and "Big Up Junglist Massive! All Moss Side Massive! All Hulme Massive!"

* of course, if you've been paying attention to Japanese trends then you'd know that the "Tachinbo" in the neon light zone Kabukicho, Tokyo actually favour battery powered electric hand held fans while soliciting


edit: "show love! it's for the Laydees!"

I'm going to be a bit coy here, but I just spotted my neighbour being tapped on the shoulder and I reckon he was on a promise


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DJ Mello - Street Soul 90s Manchester Barry G Tribute #THEBROADWAYYEARS


"big salute"

24 mins in: fucking huge tune

I'm only a quarter of away through this and it's like a time machine, like I'm locked into a Moss side or Hulme pirate station in the 90s with my TDK on pause, finger poised, ready to tape the big choon

although,in the 90s, re: MCR pirates, I'd be "locked in" but the tennants and coproxamyl and sulphate and doves and sputnik drugs seemingly denied me any taping ability ( edit: this isn't quite true because I have a carrier bag full of tapes labelled :"TECHNO ACID RAVE" from 1989 - 1992 but I don't have a tape player nowadays, so they might as well be BBC radio 2 archives, lol )

edit: 37 mins in - big tune!


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out of sync



I shied off this because of the DJ name, I thought it might be the no vibes but technically proficient dungaree clad JP turntablist, but, although I was wrong about the Japanese guy being involved, in my favour at least one youtube commentator is unkind


edit: still, I'm still going to post this because it fills in some blanks regarding the audience, one of the things I love about a series of videos capturing a night is that I can analyse the interactions and draw false conclusions, especially as at least of two of my neighbours are on view

but yeah





too young, taken too soon, etc.,


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Happy belated to our Jamaican/UK Empress, one of the most impactful voices that echoed throughout the narrow corridors of our shopping center plus NYC dance floors who inspired a nation of Earth’s with outstanding poise, integrity and consciousness. She literally visited our beloved Albee Square Mall on several occasions as she lived in Fort Greene for some time on Washington between Greene and Lafayette Ave. DJ Ron G aka the soul of the ghetto provided the soundtrack for the real streets of New York City when he blended her classic “UK Black” providing the paper chasers in 1991 something special to blast in the jeeps. We shall continue to refrain from comparing the urban entertainment Queens of yesterday to today’s artists and for most followers not familiar with Caron Wheeler’s catalogue outside of Soul II Soul, let’s just say her talent is regarded as top tier by some of your favorite platinum selling divas in the states. Many were introduced to the Royal Highness during the intro scene of the 1998 movie Belly as her acapella for “Back To Life” set the tone for the entire film, but we were introduced to her back in 77 with her group Brown Sugar’s “I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks.” There was something inspirational in the air back in 1991 when the conscious community leading urban entertainment made a significant contribution to the righteous arts movement with positive images and messages backed by mesmerizing sounds. Unfortunately this might never happen again, but for us that we’re honored to experience it all we can say is let knowledge be born and stay positive…#Accountability #PrebikelaneNYC #PreTollLaneNYC #Albee87PSA #NuevaYorkTalk #ActualFactual #SoulISoul #CaronWheeler