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bandz ahoy
Can barely remember it in fairness I was obviously colossally high when I saw it

Riding Giants is the other surfer movie I remember, other than the irredeemable McConaughey stoner "comedy" 'Surfer Dude' which I've watched about twenty times


Watching a film that seems to be Australian and it's quite funny - but it's got a weird name in Portuguese and I can't work out what the original name is. Seems to be about a group of, er, I guess posh Australian intellectuals who want to go and fight Lebs and wogs cos they feel disrespected by some incident.
There is a bit where their uncle is encouraging them to take their younger, mentally disabled brother with them and they say "He can't come" and the older guy says "Why?" and they say "Cos he's a mong".
Ring any bells? I'm sure @luka will have seen it...


I dunno what this film is but it is pretty funny. There is this one guy who wears all these bandages around his face* and he is teaching the "mong" guy to drive but lesson is interrupted when the learner starts asking about his tattoos...
"Is that Ned Kelly?"
"What the fuck you think?"
"Wha' bout them?"
"That's Ned Kelly! Ned. Ned by a fire with a gun. Ned riding a horse. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ned having a beer. Ned copping a blowie"
"Did they hurt?"
"Well, you know what they say?" and he shows him a tattoo of Ned with a load of guns and a banner that says fuck life..
"What did you get on you head?"
"Just the most full on fucking tough thing yet. You see that's the thing little man, if Ned was around today he wouldn't stand for all these Lebo cops bringing their grease in from all these other countries"
"Ned Kelly was Irish"

*cos of his latest tatt "I gotta keep it wrapped up and put moisturiser on it" - "Moisturiser? Why don't you get someone to fuck you in the arse while you're at it?"
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Seems to be called - rather prosaically - Down Under. I can't tell if it's a reconstruction or documentary or what. Good stuff anyhow.


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simon reynolds did a 'if i was asked' ballot for the sight and sound poll.
only seen three of his top ten.