Paying for Dissensus 2012!


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i assume everyone who has ever used dissensus to promote their gigs, club nights and/or records has donated, right? i'm sure they've benefited from the free publicity, seems only fair.


Yeah we do!!
Thanks for asking

And massive thanks to everyone who contributed so far - we've still got a way to go and the invoice is due for payment today :eek: we've still got a few days left before the hosts pull the plug on us

as someone mentioned above - please do chuck us a few quid if you've posted up a mix or an event, or enjoyed the uniquely idiosyncratic nattering here


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Have put in a bit more.

Assuming/ hoping we make the total, and if it's ok w Sufi, maybe we should turn this into a thread on how to make dissensus cheaper/ easier to pay for. Personally I like that it doesn't have any ads, but maybe we can get cheaper hosting?

I don't mind the current system but would imagine it's a stress for Sufi to go through this every year and seems to me it's getting harder to cover costs. Like most people, the average dissension has been hit hard by the pointless austerity of the last couple of years.


Thanks so much for the contributions - especially double helpings! brave work dear comrades!

but you're right it is kinda stressy, in the way of taking a big punt on a long spread bet or something like that... a bit nail-biting but with a big wahey when we pull it off at the last furlong!!

if anyone knows of cheaper hosting ... let us know! moving the site would be a task, but not insurmountable. so let's stay on topic for the moment (haha, as if!) & keep it bumped up to the front page til we reach the magic total (in shaa allah) about $200 to go now

SO if you didn't send a few quid yet PLEASE DO IT NOW! :D

we get about 60+ unique visitors daily, so at $10 each we should be laughing, i'd be happy to provide numbers btw if anyone would like to check up

thanks again all, it's a wonderful joyous thing that the site can pay it's own bills (hopefully!) and it means it belongs to everybody!

suf (janitor)


Sent, belatedly.

Thanks, sufi, for all the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping the place running. :cool: