The Returned


Pregnant with mandrakes
Scorsese's only good film since the 90s. Love when Marky Mark pops up again at the end and shoots Matt Damon in the face.


Mechanical phantoms
Yeah the French TV show is what I meant. I'll watch the film after the programme is finished I think

It's also got an awesome soundtrack by Mogwai, and I'm not normally a big fan of Mogwai's more recent output


So is there a link between the film and the series?
I knew Mogwai did the music, and like you, am not a fan of their (recent) output.
Nah the Departed film is nothing to do with this at all.

This series has been really good so far I think; no clue what's going on at all but I'm intrigued.

john eden

male pale and stale
Yeah just watched the second episode. The wtf aspect is great.

I like the slow pacing of it too, Mogwai fits perfectly.


I'd definitely recommend this. Watched almost the whole thing in one day. Is on Netflix. Really creepy and music is not bad.