The great BEER VS. WINE fight!

What's your poison, guv?

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Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
This one's for Craner. So which couldn't you go without: grain or grape? Let's have at it!


Tight but Polite

I like wine, and I'd love to get into it properly, but it seems like too much of an investment of time / money / liver damage. Beer has the two advantages that it comes in smaller portions so you can try a lot more variety in a short space of time, and that even the most expensive and unobtainable beers are basically accessible if you can be arsed, whereas you'd be lucky to try (say) a premier cru Bordeaux in your lifetime. Also, at the moment, it just seems more diverse and interesting.

Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
I like the idea of drinking spirits but I only ever really drink scotch at home. Outside of 'happy hour' in the most low-rent McPub they're just insanely expensive.


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When I was an aussie I wouldn't touch aussie shiraz but I've changed my mind the good ones are mind expanding


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The 1st wines I fell in love with were light fresh fruity or floral things chinons and flueries and that but I've moved on


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this poll need a "both" button. it's beer when out or sitting around at home but addicted to a glass of fresh, crisp portuguese vinho verde with dinner, or a malbec on rare (!) occasions when serving meat. mostly inexpensive wines, usually in the $10-12 per bottle range (about $7 for the vinho verde).

the only other thing i drink is campari and tonic, in the summer.


Wild Horses
I think I prefer expensive wine

This. A bottle of Oakham Citra (4.6%) is £1.50 at the moment in Waitrose and you're not going to find an equally good bottle of vino for £6. A third of some ludicrous craft triple IPA in Brewdog costs about the same as a glass of random red in any pub that's not a Spoons.

I like a nice red wine from time to time but I'm generally going to spend at least a tenner, at Lidl.