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i'm naively excited about the prospects of this. all open source - which is pretty amazing...


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Colbert on last night's "The Late Show":

"The launch was to demonstrate that the Falcon was not only reusable, but the Falcon Heavy can carry a large payload. So to test it, Elon Musk sent up his own Tesla convertible with a dummy astronaut at the wheel, blasting David Bowie's 'Life on Mars.'

That's right, this is absolutely true—a giant phallus cranking rock 'n' roll, releasing a red convertible into the dark void.

And the award for Most Midlife Crisis goes to Elon Musk."


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im not condoning shooting people in the face but americans should start shooting these people in the face.


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Read this morning about an amazingly-cringey-sounding interview with Musk by Neil 'The Game' Strauss in 'Rolling Stone'.

I think 'The Social Network' movie (haven't read the book) somewhat nailed this phenomena of antisocial bitter nerds becoming billionaires, even though it mispreresented Zuckerberg.

It's basically what would happen if I won the powerball.

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I heard the 'pedo' comment thing and had assumed it was one of these hilarious parody-news things that are everywhere these days, but I've since learned he actually said it. Fucking hell, what a fruitloop.

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Replies are full of people recommending Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and 'Sandstorm' by Darude, because those are the sorts of people who follow Elon Musk.