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I'm on my way to Kent tomorrow, I'm going to stop at your house and run you through with a samurai sword, then disembowel you and disperse your body parts around the old Kent road.


Cat Malogen

Only 3 songs in and there's no way this doesn't bang for the entirety

Mamossa - Drive me crazy
Round One feat. Andy Caine - I'm Your Brother (Club Version)
Jodeci - You got it (two CJ dub versions played)
Shai - The Place Where You Belong (The Roxy Groove Mix)
ID - Hang up on your love
Janet Jackson - Anyplace, anytime (D&D house mix)
Patricia Kass - Reste sur moi (Blue Velvet Dub Mix)
M People - One Night In Heaven (Thee Def Club Mix)
Brand New Heavies - Dream On Dreamer (Heavy Motion Mix)
Celine Dion - Misled (MK Dub)
George Morel - Unnecessary Changes
Basia - Drunk On Love remixed by Roger S
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We ever gonna hear a mix from you @boxedjoy ?



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Drive Me Crazy (Alright) (Jazz E. Vocal Mix)

It's similar but not quite. The bassline pattern is different, and the actual synth bass sound. Doesn't have that vibe/glockenspiel type mallet sound either. The one in the mix is rawer, the Jazz E. Vocal mix is more chill. Could it be another tune altogether or some other mix not on the main release? :unsure:

Whole set bangs btw 🤘


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I've gone through all the mixes I could (3) and none of em were the same as that one in the mix. Mad because it's easily my fave version. So raw