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F.B.I. Pathology Report 003 invites Anton Beatbox on Fade Radio [faderadio/ATH] - [Broadcasted on 19.05.2023]

Episode 003 Description:
In this episode of F.B.I. Patholgy Report we explore the 1948 Japanese Imperial Bank Mass Cyanide Poisoning incident that occured at Shiinamachi [Toshima,Tokyo], which led to the arrest and conviction of painter & artist Hirasawa Sadamichi [平沢貞通]. Despite the lack of evidence, he was sentenced to death in 1950, awaited execution by hanging, and eventually died of natural causes in 1987. There have been numerous theories, rumors & sayings that a man posing as a Government Health worker ordered the victims to drink the poison, in order to protect themselves from a hypothetical incoming outbreak of dysentery, while others are arguing crime was committed by a soldier/member of Unit 731 [:Covert biological, chemical warfare research & development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that engaged in lethal human experimentation and biological weapons manufacturing during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II]. "Words By Morgan Hall"

2 MKII + 2 Tape Deck

Artists | Shogun's Castle, HEXA, Lawrence English, Skøgen, Hålbå, Ex.Hale, Linekraft, Alberich, Prurient, Geography Of Hell, Âmes Sanglantes, RM, Death Kneel

Labels | Shogun's Castle, Room40, Several Minor Promises, Hospital Productions, Fallow Field, Total Black, Summer Isle


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7 day timelimit, and then that's yer lot, so grab whilst you can.

Easygroove - Twisted at the Yard (May 1993)

Edge Of Darkness Come Together
DJ Kane Izaac's Story (Story So Far Mix)
Lemon D Parazone
Tango & Fallout Intrigue
Defender Feel It (Bass)
Harmony & Xtreme Love In My Heart
The Vice Squad Give The Poor Man A Break
DJ Vibes Obsession (Music's So Wonderful)
Origin Unknown The Touch
Urban Shakedown Moon Walk (A1)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer Ganja Man
Mixrace Mixrace Outta Hand
The Hypnotist Pioneers Of The Warped Acid
Acid Junkies 1-8-1
Burger Industries Disintegration
C-Tank Monotonic
Asylum Hardcore Asylum
Fuckmasters Lick My Ass (Allemagne-Voicemix)
Car & Driver Help Germany
Ege Bam Yasi Variation 2 (Lenny Dee Mix)
Undercover Elephant Psycho Sounds (Remix) (A2)
Origination Funky Darkness
Undercover Elephant Psycho Sounds (Remix) (A1)
C. Biz Crowd Says Rewind (Scum & Bass Mix)
Zookeepers Revenge Don Basilbonk
Cool Hand Flex Chill Out
Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows
Dancemaster Spice Of Life
N.R.G. I Need Your Love (Which Mix ??)
Andy C Bass Constructor



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2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down [Moving Shadow]
The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - Got To Release [Ruff Kut!]
Potential Bad Boy - Work The Box [Limited E Edition]
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark remix) [Ram]
Conquering Lion - Inah Sound [X Project]

Mampi Swift

Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Section 5]
Rufige Kru - Rollin Like Scottie [Reinforced]
Omni Trio - Feel Better (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Beyond The Future - Warped Science [Paradise]
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark remix) [Ram]
Origin Unknown - The Touch [Ram]

Conquering Lion - Phenomenon 1 (Catch The Fever Mix) [X Project]
W.Wilson - Tribal Blast [Future Recordings]
Ed Rush - Bludclot Artattack [No U-Turn]
Potential Bad Boy - Gidi Up (PT 1) [Limited E Edition]
Studio II - Who Jah Bless [Not On Label - ST 002]
DJ Solo - Darkage [Production House]
>>General Levy - Mad Them (Acapella)
FBD Project - The Core [Bang-In Tunes]
Pascal & Sponge - I Got You (Ezee Boy) (2 Sinister remix) [Dark Horse]
Bizzy B - Ecstacy Is A Science [White House]



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I was just listening to easygroove helter skelter ‘93, it went into a euro hardcore barrage for a good 12 minutes or so before blending back in to jungle. Will give this a listen


pass the sick bucket
I was just listening to easygroove helter skelter ‘93, it went into a euro hardcore barrage for a good 12 minutes or so before blending back in to jungle. Will give this a listen

yeah similar thing.

you know he went to prison for crack dealing lmao. makes sense given the way he played.


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probably of interest to some here - it's fast becoming one of the most popular uploads since I put it up a month ago.
Playlist for both sides:

who is he? i love him!

You used to call me on my cellphone 🥺🥺😔😔💃🏻💃

dk if this will be received well here but i've liked alot of the mixes this person has put out and they're weirdly popular. a guy ik made the first track of the linked mix.