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Sean Booth, Autechre:

"I would do tapes, so I could avoid being picked on as a nerd, which is what I was. It was easier to give tapes to the hard kids, and suddenly they're your best mate. If you tried to get on with them otherwise, it wasn't going to work. So I used to just make tapes, hardcore remixes of tracks they already had and stuff. They'd be going, "Where'd you get that from?" and I'd say, "Oh, it's an import." It'd be ammunition."


Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
Having said that there is something strange and magical in the esteem just knowing about music grants you at school. Part of the origin story of every dissensus member. Except Mr Tea.
Hey, I knew loads about music at school! Admittedly there were some gaps in my knowledge, such as artists other than Nirvana.