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check David Myatt last heard freaking corpsey out when he threatened Nick from HNH with murder, on tape, in a pub somewhere nr Church Stretton during an interview on yt

think the sigil wicker piece above the crystal dodecahedrwhathing to Azatoth or whatever form their Antichrist takes and there are two Shropshire landmarks buried in its panel one of which has to be the Long Mynd, getting a bit Bill Kent after 8 rums on a Friday territory


and as I typed @william_kent arrived right on cue


Cat Malogen
Tea would make an excellent opfer, has to be a Mac user for the sky


archive had Moult’s anonymous diary of 3 months camping in the Hebrides, ie the Rite of Zardoz, god it was pitiful boiled down to rain the squits sourcing firewood in the rain cold-water swimming traipsing to the nearest shop for pot noodles and missing his lass


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Returning briefly to people who (afaik) aren't nazi satanists / satanic nazis, everyone look at the Tove Jansson illustrations for the Hobbit / LotR!



I love them as illustrations in their own right, I'm not sure whether they're sort of the wrong look for the source material or whether it's just that my perception of the right look for the source material has been shaped by years of looking at more standard fantasy art (or Peter Jackson films).

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It's been discussed here in other threads, but it just struck me that Codex Seraphinianus (Luigi Serafini) belongs here too:



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Love the sense of scale with this sort of thing. Reminds me of Martin and Ugarte: