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pass the sick bucket
To be more helpful, here's one I really like. I assume it's Muslim although he was a protest singer so maybe it's secular. Love that intro bit, not sure if anyone has sampled it but they should

You're havin a laugh! Manço was a hardcore rightist, maybe even a reactionary ultranationalist (we'll never know that as he died in 1999 and towards the end of his career became a state friendly family figure.) You're thinking of Cem Karaca, similarly prolific in anatolian rock scene and had to go to west germany until the 00s for his left wing views. although ironically in 2004 he made peace with the gülenıst anti-kurd conservatives so make from that what you will. they were never proles or serious leftists though so whatever. Good music from both though ironically I prefer Manço's voice. Karaca can overdo it like a prophet.