Artificial intelligence officially gets scary


according to - one of the top Google and Bing results on Roman Cornwall:
As the Saxon invasion of Cornwall ended with Egbert being unable to control the people, West Virginia defeated the Cornish on its rivers. ... As early Cornish settlers traveled by rail to Cornwall over the past century, they built most of the prehistoric sites and ancient stones. ... Do not travel during the season. ... When they arrived at the island, the residents were Celtic. England is now known as Australia and is home to the descendants of the people who slaughtered the aboriginal people.


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It's free though, isn't it? There's another tier that's paid. They selling email addresses and the usual?

I was a bit terse, but I suspect it is to do with graphs that they can show the funders, "we have x amount of accounts that we can get hooked with the free sample, but once they're addicted we can milk them"

you've seen The Wire?
It's free though, isn't it? There's another tier that's paid. They selling email addresses and user information?
To my knowledge, you have to pay to use API keys, which is mainly a thing for other businesses to plug into the AI models. There are free versions out there, which A) tend to limit the amount you use these AI models, and/or B) use your prompting data to refine the models themselves, to make them more suitable as enterprise-grade products.


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full disclosure: I'm paying monthly to use GPT4 because the free offering would cut out in the middle of the code I'd asked it to generate and I got pissed off, and just stumped for the monthly rate because otherwise I can spend hours arguing with it

edit: paid tier gets use of chatGPT4 which is far superior to the free offering, I'm getting it to generate code for my hobby project and unlike GPT3 or GPT3.5, it compiles first time and actually suggests algorithms I'd never heard of and I'm actually learning shit, who needs StackOverflow anymore with their elitist "I'm really clever and here is an over engineered example of how to type a full stop" and "you asked a question, you're banned!" "downvoted!" bullshit