Jordan Peterson thinks it makes sense to compare humans with lobsters


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that's extremeley interesting. makes a lot of sense. a source would be useful.

my very own theory is that the use of alcohol and sugar (both especially) but essentially all stimulants is for the purpose of regulating, controlling and suppressing the body's dopamine production rather than stimulating it.

without stimulants - when you let the body's own systems regulate themselves - dopamine production goes absolutely haywire. that's the aim of the non-attachment "technologies" - but it's a perilous state to be in.

there's a relation to vitamin c production - as mammals we are unusal in that we no longer produce vitamin c in our bodies (it's biologically more efficent to outsource it). so we need to get it by eating plants (or by eating animals that have eaten it)
I wish I hadn't been reading dissensus for about two hours and my eyes weren't melting because this seems like something important for me to grasp before I buy another yule log for myself.


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He just got tricked into retweeting fetish porn of men in hospital beds being 'milked' by machines. Apparently he thought it was a Chinese government breeding program.