Jordan Peterson thinks it makes sense to compare humans with lobsters


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this is frighteningly ignorant.

sure - some animals are sentient and have (as individuals) profound connections to consciousness - dogs, octopuses, dolphins, cats.

lobsters? i don't think so.

with all respect to lobsters but they're WAY down the consciousness pecking order. as such their actions aren't motivated by the same higher instincts. call me specist.

to make arguments about what's valid for humans based on how lobsters behave is to entirely misunderstand what makes mankind special. and in this instance, to validate tiers of authority between people, it's scarily wrongheaded.


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edmund (woops!) has become a big fan of this guy. hes literally watched about 20 hours of lectures and interviews with him.

he just talks about lobsters and animals and stuff to counter the argument that everything boring and nasty in life
is socially constructed.

Benny Bunter

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This is like a freudian thing innit, where these dudes go to absurd lengths to shore up their sexist theories.

There's a good one in Kate Millet's Sexual Politics about this guy Konrad Lorenz who came up with the idea of the "cichlid effect" to justify male agression in relationships with women (which JBP also does), a cichlid being a species of prehistoric fish which he examined "to conclude that the male cichlids failed to find the courage to mate unless the female of their species responded with ‘awe’. How one measures ‘awe’ in a fish is a question perhaps better left unanswered..."

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Benny Bunter

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And I forget which famous male fashion designer it was who justified putting women (not just the models, but also those who worked his office) in torturous 6 inch stilettos because female baboons walk on tiptoes when theyre sexually aroused, or some such bullshit.

I'm sort of torn between just laughing at JB and feeling horror at how popular these sort of beliefs still are, though it is slightly reassuring to see him getting widely ridiculed over the lobster thing.


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theres never been any great secret to it. tell people what they want to hear
and they will reward you for it.


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I love it how that guy supposedly became an "expert" on everything and anything lately from career choices to religion to genital warts and whatnot.
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Darned cockwombles.
Over his bed is a painting celebrating electrification in the Soviet Union. On the wall across from it is a hyper-realistic painting of two nude women with swords. His bedspread is familiar: It’s the same image as his Twitter avatar, a dark geometric design based on a piece of art he made out of foam core in 1985 that he called “The Meaning of Music.” He says it’s “an attempt to portray in image what music means.” He has had it made into a rug as well.



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Semi-related: David Foster Wallace on lobsters

Also, has anyone read this? (It's on my list, got to read at least one book about psychedelic drugs first)


Here's a review of it from the LRB which non subscribers can read in full



with all respect to lobsters but they're WAY down the consciousness pecking order. as such their actions aren't motivated by the same higher instincts. call me specist.

I'm not sure what 'higher instincts' you'd attribute to dolphins. They're just slimy rape machines. Would love to smack one in the face, wipe that stupid grin off.

I'm ashamed to have evolved from any of these fuckers, apart from German Shepherds, giant squids and octopuses. Who are cool. :cool:

I'm lagging way behind on Peterson, I keep meaning to actually watch one of his videos but get distracted by something else - all I really know is that he cries a lot and, if he hasn't been horribly misquoted on the enforced monogamy comment, seems a bit whiny.


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marginally more credible. he's already more laughing stock than bogeyman.

to the point ive almost begun to find him endearing. he's relatable.


is "laughing stock" a good description of peterson? why are there so many articles about - some praising, most denouncing - him?


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i can realate to the vanity in the picture corpse posted. i know what happens when people
start playing attention, telling you how great you are. goes to your head
and why shouldnt it?