Can turn naughty
He came to a hustings event at UCL, where I was studying at the time, when he was running for mayor. He came across as affable, self-deprecating, basically likeable. But that's just the thing - he's good at putting across that image. Or was, at any rate

That's kind of how he got in there, in the first place,

'He's one of us,' 'it'll be a bit of a laugh' etc


is not like other people
there's a plaque just by holborn circus claiming ping pong was invented there :


I used to play a lot when I was young... had a ranking in the county but I forget what. Know very little about the history though I'm afraid.


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i think he's really good speaker tbf. he's got this off the cuff manner which is obviously really well rehearsed. massive confidence and ability to make it feel like its on the fly.

i also love this

like obviously he's a total cunt etc, but he's figured out how to get ahead
I don't know if it's figured out so much as him that old trick the upper classes do in terms of using silly eccentric as a shield where others would get tarred and feathered

I'll give you off the cuff but I don't know about massive confidence always came across like a balloon fit to burst of like he was looking to dash from the podium at any moment


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Yeah, possibly. I'm not looking at him all that closely tbh. But even if you consider the leaving speech, which I did watch, I mean it was a pretty confident performance. Compared to Maggie say who couldn't hold it together.
yes but I think that's because she thought the men had really and truly seen her as one of the boys whereas Boris Johnson already was


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He’s devastated. Shattered. Haggard and rinsed out, post high blood pressure comedown. Reality hitting, any real legacy shot

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Bring it on. Neither of the pair of absolute dildos that are left in the race would actually be any better, and the longer he stays, the more damage he'll do to the party.