1. sufi

    La Gaga

    Lot of hatred for the lady on the prejudices thread i quite like her, havent heard any of her tunes mind
  2. sufi

    the last 'band' you were 'into' before you renounced indie

    were they a gateway to teckno, or did you do a damascene conversion from full on baggie to utter grimer?
  3. woops

    What's the best flamewar topic?

    Why only music?
  4. M

    How dodgy is soy?

    Articles like the one below make it sound like a very bad idea indeed for males especially to eat un-fermented soy products. Is it that bad? Is there scientific / nutritionist consensus? Would the dairy / meat industries perhaps have an interest in encouraging bad publicity around soy based...
  5. matt b

    Chris Woodhead= Cnut

    Showing his true colours: http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/may/11/education-policy-class-bias I bet he thinks that god made black kids stupid too. All the better for enslaving them. The shadow of Charles Murray returns to dissensus...
  6. 4linehaiku

    Ridiculous Postage & Packing

    I'm sure most people here have purchased records (or pretty much anything I suppose) off ebay, discogs, gem, etc in their time. I'm also sure you have noticed that some people seem to view the postage and packing section as an invitation to make up whatever number pops into their head. I would...
  7. luka

    psychic self-defence

    there are many people tampering with my conciousness. they keep trying to plant sexual thoughts in my head. to link their product or service with a state of sexual arousal. i find this invasive. they do this with voice and image and suggestion. they do it with rhythm and sound. my animal...
  8. D

    minor "rules"

    i got told off the other day by a bus conductor for eating on a bus. this has never, ever happened before. i've eaten on buses all my life. are they for real? also, answering mobiles on petrol station forecourts. can they really spark? cos i dont believe it for a second. and, oh my god...
  9. H

    internet exhibitionism

    pro: random awesomeness con: people flood the internet with shit http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7HARnq15ejE/Sb0WYi6ybHI/AAAAAAAAAFc/_TKlB3ZpJLk/s1600-h/halfdonegrimevideogame.JPG
  10. B

    Should everyone at Time Out London just be rounded up and shot?

    http://www.timeout.com/london/property/features/3397/Hot_neighbourhoods-Stepney_E1.html Slightly informative, but mostly odious. NB Only posting 'cos I was in Stepney yesterday. St Dunstan's Church is beautiful.
  11. Z

    a futile plea to producers

    (dubstep and otherwise) if you've got half of a luke-warm idea, or better yet, some neat little sound you randomly acheived by piling a bunch of effects on top of each other, please, do us all* a favor: do not repeat it for 4 minutes and send it out to be released. instead, work on it more and...
  12. B

    Simply Red being hideous shock

  13. F

    photos on cigarette packs etc

    i just got 'heart being cut open' and 'man with towel on head' (i think he's dead) they're quite tastefully done really. i was expecting a lot worse
  14. john eden

    Beards - are they evil?

    I only ever grew a beard once, to see what it was like. To be frank with you all I really don't think it suited me. Whilst I have some sympathy for the great tradition of beards and revolutionary politics (something the left of today could consider reviving, perhaps?) I'm not overly keen on...
  15. C

    Mercury sucks (2008 redux)

    I normally stick up for this prize... http://www.nationwidemercurys.com/ I know skepta was too much to hope for but no fecking Portishead???!! And no Roisn Murphy, Tricky, Martina T-B... t least they left out Duffy and put Last shadow Puppets in.
  16. sufi


    boris? wtf? http://www.backboris.com/about/index.php back where i come from boris is synonym for an enormous turd
  17. A

    why dubsteppers should forget about myspace, facebook, virb...

    this topic was about a totally different thing, but since after someone calls you "nob" here, lots of people jump in very interested to look at what you have to offer, i changed my point... so i was promoting a social network, underlining its strong points that are making it better than the...
  18. Z

    board is really dead

    what the hell is up?!
  19. M

    PE teachers = CUNTS

    Aren't they just the lowest form of life? Braindead beery army rejects. We had one who liked Northern Soul, which is why I think Northern Soul is shit and only wankers listen to it. He used to lock me and a couple of cronies in the music room (a boiler room) and make us write pointless essays...
  20. S

    Bus drivers are cunts

    Seriously, bus drivers are a very different breed of dickhead whose jobs have crushed their souls into hate-filled, sociopathic and malicious lumps of coal. Bus driving must be some sort of social experiment created to see how to most effectively remove all traces of a person's humanity, because...