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I've become a sortof fan of Rogan's podcast in the last year. But I only listen to episodes here and there, it entirely depends on the guest.

Rogan's not a bad interviewer, but he's also not remotely funny (which I've realised might actually be an asset for his interviewing technique) and a lot of his guests are dodgy and/or annoying.

Rogan is obviously disturbed by being seen as 'alt-right adjacent' and I think he's recently been trying to address this by having more left-wing people on.

I'm guessing Bernie came on because his buddy Cornell West was on recently (one of the best JRE episodes ever, although the one with Alex Jones recently was up there too tbh):



bandz ahoy
The point Rogan never tires of making about candidates usually getting 30 seconds to express their views is a good one, though. I've seen a lot of comments re: the Sanders podcast along the lines of "I never knew what Bernie stood for before listneing to this, I'd only heard him for 30 seconds" - even from declared conservatives.


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The Cornel West one was pure love from beginning to end. What a guy. Hope Joe gets Chris Hedges on as well because he's close with West. Also becoming a fan of the podcast, and yeah, selective. The Bob Lazar one from a while back was thoroughly entertaining.


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isn't joe rogan a bit of a dick? he seems like a dickhead? all his macho dmt stuff :rolleyes:

my son enjoys his vids.

educate me!


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I feel like he's more dumb than a dickhead. But perhaps that's no excuse?

He's the least funny comedian who has ever lived.

But his podcast can be great. Depends on the guest, basically, cos Rogan's not bringing all that much to the table.

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"Triggered beta cuck soy snowflake", eh?

I hope I don't bump into this guy on Dartmoor. He'd probably mug me for my mushrooms.