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I like that way of thinking of the legal system, as an algorithm. I guess you can just generalize it to refer to any pre-existing list of instructions to guide you through a novel/particular experience.

@beiser any examples of bureaucratic algorithms being made auditible by the public? A bottom up algocracy?
The key analogy is the way that credit reports work in the US today—the bureaus are allowed to hoover up data in certain categories willy nilly, but they have to allow you to view the data being used to make the decision and contest its accuracy.
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capitalism, materialism, reductionism has played itself out. it's failed. modernism has failed. modernity has failed. the rational analysis of matter has led to the revelation of the irrationality of matter. the attempts to create systems of perfect deterministic prediction have led to the revelation of the chaos that haunts all systems and makes all prediction in principle, impossible. everywhere where reason has shone it's light, the greater darkness has been revealed. so, i think, a tunring point has come in the human enterprise. childhood's end is upon us. the conjuring rod of reason turns out to be a fairly weak magic, afterall. and we have to begin to cultivate a sense of mystery, a sense of living without closure.



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Right now, fun is sitting round a fire at night with thermal leggings and a coat on, caning old records. Wrinkly fun. Stars and the moon out.

Covid has a task on its hands with fire and House records. Then it rains, but a-ha, an angling umbrella and a dosed slice of cheesecake.


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If they're not set you will go astray and you know that's true we all know. Plant your feet or you will be lost.