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is it related to



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You're gonna have to talk me through this crazy website. How do I read these diagrams?

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On the left you have the novel. On the right you have a selection of phrases that were deemed particularly salient by a reader, arranged by projecting word vectors into two dimensions.

When you select a phrase that appears on the right, it surfaces on the right the set of phrases within the book that are the most similar in vector-space, with the context of the phrase on the left, which in theory lets you tease out themes and move through the book nonlinearly.


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I like that one, it's great. Before he started taking himself too seriously
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When I saw that blog post of doms where he wanted weirdos, I was thinking that luka would be what he was after.


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Yeah he fucked up on two cos they found their racist receipts. Imagine if yoh got hired and someone found your 'DO YOU TONGUE ARSEHOLES YES OR NO' thread. It would be worth dom hiring you so that some poor daily mail journo would have to scour dissensus for your contentious posts. Would be a twitter trend for 1 hour I predict.

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1. Determine a policy goal you would like to reach
2. Designate several "experimental points" where you'll test different tactics.
3. At each of the points, the chosen method will be carried out by local officials according to local conditions.
4. When you have results from your experiments, you lift the successful ones upwards, publicizing their successes as "model experiences," and synthesizing generalized policy guidance for a wider rollout. This is the "to surface"
5. The new guidance is implemented across the country, according to local conditions.
sounds like Auftragstaktik applied to the bureaucratic struggle to shape policy

and reading thru that paper you mentioned it does look like it has roots in the Communist military struggle with the Japanese and KMT

puts me in mind of all that whole line of military thinking and business thinking synergy - OODA loops, commander's intent, etc

or maybe the synergy of military and business thought in management thinking is a better way to put it


I'm reading a book atm which talks about Starbucks coming up with a bunch of brands called stuff like Joe's Coffee or whatever, stuff that appears local, independent etc then setting them all up a decent distance from one another and seeing which one does best before spinning it off into its own chain, but it's all really Starbucks. They know some people hate Starbucks, so they disguise themselves.
I dunno whether it's an invention of the author's, but it would probably work, if they aren't already doing it.
I did read a book about Starbucks... they did do loads of stuff like that but I'm pretty sure it never mentioned that specific thing. Possibly they did it after the book was written I suppose.


The one I'm reading's a novel from 2015.
It's McCarthy no?
I guess the Starbucks one was from maybe 2007 or something.
So perhaps they could have started in the intervening years. Before that they did stuff like pretend to be ill so that they could get face to face with a doctor who was refusing to sell. They put stores next to video libraries and dry cleaners - places that people would need to visit twice if they used them cos that way they were twice as likely to go into Starbucks. Also they were the first to realise that putting two stores on the same street or square would increase overall footfall rather than just split what was already there. So, yeah, the fake brands thing doesn't seem unlikely.


I know we discussed before but have you read Remainder? i really thought that was amazing. I should read Satin Island I guess.