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This is fascinating.


1 year ago
Shamanic experience through childhood illness. Dissociated psychic environments, access there unto.


Not just cos of the interesting content ('The stone book' added to my to-read list - I did like 'Thursbitch' but probably not quite a smuch as @poetix's description of it)) but also the general style of the piece, which takes me back to how telly used to be... all the weird cuts and zoom outs... the generally didactic style. The music too.

"One of the best ways to make a place exciting is to write about it"

"Every generation of my family has made it's mark here, one way or another. It's as if we own the place. And by 'own' I don't mean that it belongs to us, more that we belong to it. We acknowledge it, we own up to it. You could say we know our place."

Interesting about how he was told never to touch the Yew tree, presumably cos of the poisonous element.
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There was a wicked old Bodybuilding TV ad from Chicago or Detroit with Problemes D'Amour music but I haven't been able to find it.


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Have you ever read him? I feel like someone on here, luke I think, said unless you read them as a child, they'll make no impact. I thought thursbitch was good but a bit too cryptic maybe. But I'm gonna try again with him after watching that.


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Watched The Beach the other night and it was very much a time capsule. A young DiCaprio backpacking round Thailand to the sounds of All Saints and Moby.



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When you see yourself and old mates doved from above

Would not want to join a reenactment society but heartening to see DK smash a shindig into orbit after all these years



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Its wild, the simultaneous feelings of how pathetically decadent this all is, and that we’ve now seemed to fall below it. I already knew what the comments would say before I looked at them, “1999 was the peak of humanity!” “No cell-phones in sight!” etc. The culture people like Baudrillard and David Foster Wallace were decrying is something pined for now, and while its largely mistaken and perhaps we’ve moved past some of the sexist exhibitionism, for instance, the feeling those comments have a grain of truth to them is pretty gutting.


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10 months ago
Carmen Electra had such a powerful stage presence, she walked out and owned it. It was probably highlight of Lit's lead singer's entire life