Now discord's down
seems like the mighty cloudflare have lost their dns, which runs a big big chunk of internet

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Let's Talk About Ceps
(This joke occurred to me this morning, but I don't mind that someone else has already done it because they've done a pretty good job of it.)


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Sounds like he wants to start charging for lots to different aspects, i assume that will reduce the bots and some trolls, but also a portion of current users will just say screw it. some advertisers might step back if it becomes a hell scape, so he has to make up that revenue somewhere. It might even transform enough that it just eventually becomes his all-in-one X app.


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Would be fascinating to see what would happen if social media as a whole collapsed -- not that I expect it to.

Of course many would welcome that, but I suspect there are a lot of ppl (including on the left) who would feel disenfranchised and isolated by that happening.


bandz ahoy
Also would be interesting to see what would happen if an openly left/liberal leaning social media platform was created (ofc right wingers would say this is what pre Elon twitter already was) ala. The right wing platforms like Parlour that have been quite disastrous.

Would the very openness of that stance also put off advertisers? Perhaps a platform needs to be at least notionally neutral to retain advertisers, while continuing to moderate/ban hate speech (which tends to come from the right).