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the problem with learning a language is that there is no way to use intelligence. it doesnt reward being brainy. its purely a memory operation. it rewards brute repetition. i would go as far as to say it favours a certain dullness of mind. a lack of vitality and life.


is not like other people
once i lived in NYC and all over the 3rd world making sweet love to all dusky eyed maidens i found on my travels. no lie i once had 2 girls on the go at one time. i would of got done if either of them had learned the truth

or fiction? at least i never impersonated a football player on the internet

I'm bang up to date with all the gallery scene and i employ the word bang for a reason


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This course will help you immerse yourself in Finnish language and culture. Learn Finnish and find out why Finns consistently rank among the happiest people on earth. Expand your vocabulary with words like pöllöpäällikkö or “owl chief” and learn to feel just a little bit closer to the glow of the northern lights, the natural beauty of Lapland, and the magic of a Midsummer sauna.


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Learn Welsh, a once dwindling historic language spoken in Wales that is now thriving again. Thanks to recent public efforts, today Welsh is taught in schools and spoken by over 1 million people including Catharine Zeta-Jones. Enjoy a Welsh national union rugby game in Cardiff's Millennium Stadium and join passionate fans as they cheer on their favorite team. The national park Snowdonia in the north of Wales offers breathtaking views and attracts nature lovers from around the world. Don't miss the "Chairing of the Chief Bard" at the annual National Eisteddfod festival which celebrates poetry, music, song and dance.


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il mio pomodoro
my tomato
la mia torta
my cake
il tuo biscotto
your cookie
la tua patata
your potato
il suo riso
his/her/its rice
la sua cucina
his/her/its kitchen
il nostro cuoco
our cook
la nostra pasta
our pasta
il vostro panino
your sandwich
la vostra banana
your banana
il loro pranzo
their lunch
la loro cena
their dinner

When you talk about more than one thing, you need to use different words. But don't worry! You've already seen how to change some of them.

i miei pomodori
my tomatoes
le mie torte
my cakes
i tuoi biscotti
your cookies
le tue patate
your potatoes
i suoi libri
his/her/its books
le sue mele
his/her/its apples
i nostri cuochi
our cooks
le nostre case
our houses
i vostri panini
your sandwiches
le vostre banane
your bananas
i loro pranzi
their lunches
le loro cene
their dinners

Have you noticed?
never changes!


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english is easily the best language. how can the simple word 'the' cause such confusion?

Translations of the




the, a, an


the, a, an

the, a, an

lo stesso


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Hi! The difference between "Ho" and "Ha" is that you must use "HO" ( as "I HAVE") when YOU are speaking. Example. "I have a bad day" is "Io HO una brutta giornata". We use "HA" (as "He/she/it HAS") when someone else (HE/SH/IT) is speaking. Example. Lucy has a bad day" is "Lucy HA una brutta giornata". I hope you've understood! ;)

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Something like this maybe? I got the Spanish version when I was learning and it was really helpful.

Never know, you might even discover some good writers