Mr. Tea

"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
This was pretty much every Zhao thread too IIRC.
There was a particularly good one where he told me, with absolute certainty, that the school history curriculum in the UK even to this day begins with Ancient Greece as the 'start of civilization'. I told him that, no, world history textbooks available here when I was a kid (and for decades before that) placed the beginning of agriculture, urbanism, large states, writing and everything else - at least as far as western Eurasia was concerned - quite clearly in Egypt and the Near East, but he wouldn't hear a word of it. The fact that I'd grown up here and he hadn't cut no ice at all.


Chomsky says the West gave up on materialism once Newton came up with gravity, which Chompers says is a non-mechanical concept. What do you think @Mr. Tea, the flatulent physicist.