Jack Law's Lord of the Rings Thread.


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Have you seen the trailer for that tom hardy film about hells angels where tom hardy is basically cosplaying robert deniro?


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The scene where he harangues sean bean for wanting to place two snipers on opposite sides of a street is a meme in my friendship group

I love his shooting and driving faces in it. He's always squinting and shitting himself.




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He's so fucking shit in the book, I managed to read that part

He's for people who think the songs were the best part of LOTR the books and probably laughed at the jokes in LOTR the films
There are readers who are obsessed with him (not a position I share). Omitting him from the films was the right decision on Jackson's part.


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Well he would be.


9 year old Bill scouted the bookshops of Glasgow searching for a copy of the Tommy B poems, little did I know, ask me at the next northern dissensus meet-up about T family gossip, lol, I can probably throw in a bit of Peake biz on top


bandz ahoy
I've been listening to the audiobook of The Fellowship of the Rings, got further than I ever have before (the council of Elrond)

I suppose I might feel differently if I'd read the books first then watched the film but as it is I have to say Jackson and co improved on basically every aspect of the story you can think of. More gripping, thrilling, "funny", emotionally moving etc.

Obviously they were working with the world and story Tolkien created so I'm not saying Tolkien is shit (although I think he's quite a shit storyteller and an unremarkable writer)

It's more to say that the films are a bigger achievement than I'd grasped before

Might plough through the rest of the audiobook for completions sake. It does flesh out stuff that the films didn't have time to cover, ofc.