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(Almost) every tune posted here so far.

1. Can you party - Royal House
2. I like it (blow out dub) - Landlord
3. Looney Tunes - Just as long as I got you
4. Mantronix - King of the beats
5. Frankie Bones - I won't stop
6. Todd Terry Project- The Circus
7. Rob Steal - Give into the rhythm
8. Project 86 - Industrial Bass
9. Lake Eerie - Sex 4 Daze
10. Toxic Two - Rave Generator
11. Kenny Dope - Sounds in the air
12. Voodoo Doll - Women beat their men
13. Lenny Dee/Victor Simonelli - Just to please you
14. The Sound Vandals - Extasy (What is it?)
15. Rhythm Warfare- Two Notches
16. 33 1/3 Queen - Searchin'
17. Frankie Bones - And the break goes acid
18. Moby - Go! (Woodtick mix)
19. Second Phase - Mentasm
20. Hardhouse - Check this out
21. Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid
22. Critical Rhythm - Fall into a trance
23. Syndrome - State of the art
24. Sha-lor - My love has gone away (Frankie Bones Belgium freestyle mix)
25. Adam X & Frankie Bones - Hotter than hell
26. CLS - Can you feel it
27. T La Rock - Housin' with the T's (Rub a dub mix)
28. Royal House - I can't quite understand
29. Todd Terry- Desire What I want
30. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House
31. Nitro Deluxe - Closet mission
32. Royal House - Party People
33. Toxic Two - Chemical Reaction
34. Liquid Oxygen - The planet dance
35. 2 In A Room - Take me away
36. Royal House - The Chase
37. Youngbloods - Got me burning up (Todd Asskicker mix)
38. Black Riot - A day in the life
39. Masters At Work - We're gonna move
40. Kenny Dope - Jam the mace
41. Kenny's House - Just me and you (five oh mix)
42. Masters At Work - Justa Lil Dope
43. Adam X- Jack Trippin
44. X-crash - Hypocriter
45. Jimmy Crash - Crash course
46. Revelation - Synth it
47. Todd Terry Project - Just wanna dance
48. Swan Lake - In the name of love
49. Pink Noise - Gimme some more (energy)
50. P.L.U.M - Make you feel it
51. Tech Nine - Slam jam (the remix)
52. Urban Rhythm - Feel it Baby all night (Rhythm Section remix)
53. Flowmasters - House the crowd
54. Frankie Bones - A state of panic
55. Knight Phantom -Whats the situation now
56. Armand Van Helden - The Anthem
57. Def Con 5 - Again (Hard mix)
58. Delusions of Grandeur - Touch me in the night (Frankie Bones Brooklyn mix)
59. The Chosen - Visions of rhythm
60. Lazer Worshippers - Lazer Worshippers theme
61. Worldwide Tribe - Potential Hazard
62. The Wizard and the Prince - The Prince is a wiz
63. Dee Danie Dee - Ecstasy Energy
64. Mundo Musique - A cluster of movement
65. The Break Boys - My House is your house
66. Corporation Of One - So where are you (Hashish Dub)
67. World Dominance - Compression
68. Steinski - I Wanna Dance
69. PM Dawn - Watchers point of view (Todd Terry mix)
70. The 28th Street Crew - I need a rhythm (Club Mix)
71. Human Resource - Dominator (Beltram Mix)
72. Kelli Sae - It's Too Late (Cool dub)
73. Dee Gorgeous - Better than sex (extended mix)
74. Frankie Bones - Janet's Revenge
75. Frankie Bones - And the break goes again
76. New Grooves - Shoom
77. Rhythm interface - hard freestyle
78. Code 6 - Third Aura
79. Royal Orchestra Ltd - Royal Groove
80. Playland - Someone just bought it (UK mix)
81. Critical Rhythm - An Illusion
82. Todd Terry Project - Bango
83. Moby - Next is the E
84. Lake Eerie - The Nightmare
85. Lost Entity - Bring that back
86. Lost Entity - On the verge
87. Frankie Bones - Pump the bass
88. Moby - Voodoo Child
89. Twin Hype - Do it to the crowd
90. Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee - Definately a Robbery (wavesound renegade mix)
91. Latin Rascals - It must be you (Little Rascal Beats)
92. Frankie Bones - Industria
93. Major Problems - Flashbacks
94. Major Problems - Overdose
95. Foremost Poets - Reasons to be dismal
96. Fallout - The morning after
97. Disorder 2 - Panic
98. Basil Hardhouse II - Make me dance
99. Bobby Konders - Rydim #2
100. Frankie Bones - The Delusion
101. The Reel Master - Childs Play
102. Technical Onslaught - The Calling
103. Kenny Dope - Battlestar Galactica (Dungeon Club Mix)
104. Only In The Dark - Make Noise (Club Version)
105. Direct - Let it ride
106. Underground Kids - Get Up (Club Mix)
107. Zhana - Sanctuary of love
108. Roqui - Set me free (club dub)
109. The Crew - Get Dumb! (Hip house bonus beats)
110. Mellow Man Ace - Welcome to my groove (Hurley's house of trix mix)
111. The Rhythm Masters - You need paradise (Tina Tripp's Mix)
112. The Rhythm Masters- Give me a break beat
113. Todd Terry - Work your butt
114. Safire - Taste the bass (Taste the redzone mix)
115. Jungle Brothers - Sounds of safari (remix)
116. Kenny Dope - Makin' a living
117. Ice T - New Jack Hustler (Stress Mix)
118. Progression -Your Mind (Break your mind mix)
119. Raiana Paige - You're my only man (Way after dark mix)
120. Roxy Breaks - Blaster break
121. Think Tank - A knife and a fork
122. Brutal Bill - Heaven
123. Planet Soul - Set you free (Getto Funk)
124. 2 Of A Kind - Respeta (Funky's Mix)
125. Wee Papa Girls - The Bump (Hip Hop Dub Mix)
126. 2 On Wax - Go for yours (Dub)
127. Michael "Kidd" Gomez - Are You Ready
128. The original gangsters of freestyle - Techno Stratigo
129. Dee Dee Brave - Breathe
130. Program 2 - The Omen (Psycho Mix)
131. B.G. the Prince of Rap - Take Control of the Party (Program Beltram Instrumental)
132. Open Mind - Body Force
133. D.M.S. - And the beat goes on (Dub version)
134. Tribal Rhythm - I Won't Stop (ACIEED!) (Work it to the "Bones" Mix)
135. Blue Pearl - Naked in the Rain (DMC USA Remix)
136. Planet V - Techno Confusions (Krazee Beats)
137. Oh-Bonic - Termal Tech
138. The Todd Terry Project - It's Just in House (Club Mix)
139. 808 State - Cubik (Kings County Perspective)
140. 808 State - Pacific State (Bones and Musto Remix)
141. B.G. the Prince of Rap - Take Control of the Party (Joey Beltram's Sinister Dub)
142. Lords of Acid - Rough Sex (Beltram Whip Mix)


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Benny B

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Didn't see this ace Todd Terry tune in that list, perfect rolling bassline, cheeky laugh sample, raw drums...
Didn't post this one on Easy Street either. The hardest drums. Needs sped up to make it properly ravey though.

Hardhouse - Check this out/11:55 (bee boys dub)
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And another Easy St. Hip-house dub banger, this one from the same producer who did that mental Wizard and the Prince tune posted earlier - L.B. Bad

Lord KCB - I'm Housin' It (Dub Mix)

Very Todd Terry-ish this one in the stabs, obviously, but also that restless drum beat.


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Oh bum I was thinking about trying to write about DHS and dig out the story of "House of God" at some point, Kirk beats me to it.

The House of God double-12 inch is almost an album's worth of music, but he did an album-album around that time, which is on streamers and it sounds pretty good.

I reviewed the "House of God" maxi-EP in a Melody Maker singles column, this is before I was actively raving but every so often a techno or house track would turn my head and it'd get shoved in with the MBV-ish stuff and hip hop. Things like Eon. Now I think of it I actually reviewed a rerelease of "Nude Photo" that happened in 1990 or thereabouts.


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I wasn't dissing Kirk Squire. Still play this one regularly!

As grungey as you like.

Best thing b12 put out.
this was quite a saga back at the dawn of the internet :LOL:

i bought a copy of that just literally the other day. i discovered it was the only release on the B12 label's early run i didn't own from back in the day


this is the track i love on that EP. which was on a tape a friend gave me and was unidentified for years. and then the tape was stolen.



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Oh bum I was thinking about trying to write about DHS and dig out the story of "House of God" at some point, Kirk beats me to it.
:ROFLMAO: - it's a good piece too!
Now I think of it I actually reviewed a rerelease of "Nude Photo" that happened in 1990 or thereabouts.
before the history calcified. and to remind you too that you repped arthur russell's "world of echo" 🥰 aw this needs to be in the reynolds thread!!!


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Classic Facebook post by Frankie Bones:

This is the largest event I ever played at - Stone Roses at Spike Island 1990. In their book one of their managers who was a drunken bell end, proclaimed I got booked by mistake thinking I was Frankie Knuckles. I mean I do appreciate the thought. Being mistaken for one of the best DJ'S who ever did it. Godfather etc. I even got 5 knuckles in each hand! 33,000 people at their event. Stone Roses? My manager told me I was opening for The Rolling Stones.