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It does seem like this place can be intimidating for new members, at least compared to what other forums I know. Someone else was talking about this a few months ago.

Intimidating, perhaps, without being nearly as toxic/mean-spirited as other places. But maybe its just me.

What would be more intimidating to newcomers: A bunch of members that seem to align themselves into a central pack, or a bunch of adversarial members that stick to their own guns rather than cosy up?


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intimidating without being toxic or mean spirited sounds good to me. not so intimidating no one dares to say hello but intimidating enough that you want to put a bit of effort in.


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Half the people on here are luka

a few years ago, there was a guy who ran an active blog covering local politics around here, he'd post his thoughts on a politician or other topic and it would get vigorous debate in the comments from all these readers. turned out he was actually posting most of the comments that supported his side of the argument under multiple screen names. he was outed one time when he failed to log out of one fake commenter ID and replied supportingly to his own comment, LOL! he quickly deleted the bogus comments but an opposing political blogger on another site took a screen shot and kept reposting it.
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Mass dissolution of paranoia. new users, whose to say they arent bots? shadow accounts of the Dissensus elite? And for how long? I smell an inquisition. Does anyone here even remember their account password?