DJ Jihad's gender reveal party, 02-10 Oct 2020


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I'm feeling a bit rough today so won't be able to stay up that late unfortunately. I'm sure it will be an epochal event thiugh if the last mix is anything to go by


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we'll be on in a bit, my friend Rosa M is playing a lot of weirdo experimental/chug bits now, get locked.



Cat Malogen
he's fine about them getting the order wrong 5 times, the fish and chips were getting greasier "sitting there, mushy peas rotten, smelled like old dusty fruit, turning into gas, crytalised dust, their drink fridge was off, all the pop was rancid, didn't wanna be part of it, so found a new place, side of their fridge is off white like a foggy sky like an old aeroplane flying through fog, but the fish and chips aren't greasy, the staff are friendly, the staff care, it's not just about fish and chip £. Wanda Group on the cups, so much better than the other place. It's a decent place".


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He does field recordings and weird noise bits and bobs but he's more well known for doing funny tweets. But then he got banned. I think some of his stuff is supposed to be quite good but he's one of those with 500 albums so it's a bit of a slog to go thru.


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oh wait i've had it playing in two tabs that makes a lot more sense. i thought it was possible that it was supposed to sound like that at the start.