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Trumpet Police
Another Neon Hospice show from bun-u / DVD sporadic Dissensus contributor (prolific between 2004-08)

'Crazy Stitch' shows are on Friday at 7pm - great tunes, magnetic personality

Mixcloud for past shows - https://www.mixcloud.com/davidmoynihan/

And a couple of no talking mixes there too:

Drill bits -
Club bites -
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did you ever make any more tunes after the Greenwich one? I loved that
a pity really. that's his calling really. he needs to make the leap from poetry to being a singer-songwriter like leonard cohen did.


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im doing a workshop for 500 people on zoom tomorrow. matthew is 'coming' you can come too if you want to be a famous poet


Trumpet Police
im doing a workshop for 500 people on zoom tomorrow. matthew is 'coming' you can come too if you want to be a famous poet
sounds good - Simon Armitage can't have it all his own way. Where do I sign up?


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not had an invite. im not well connected social butterflies and top scenesters like you lot am i!
total outcast.


Trumpet Police
Friday's hospice show here
...and what I played listed here

1 Quadie Diesel - No More Locked Doors
2 Merca Bae, Tomasa del Real - TOMYBAE
3 Vegyn - Blue Verb
4 Traxman - WISH U
5 FLOHIO - Unveiled
6 Juice Menace -No Speaking
8 A92, Offica, A9Ace, A9Nikz, A9Dbo Fundz, A9Trapboy, A9Kebz, A9Ksav - A9 Link Up
9 Carla dal Forno - Fever Walk
10 NNAMDÏ - Coochie Cannon
11 Matthew - De Gennaro/ Impromptu on a Hangover
12 Slauson Malone - Smile #5 (see page 103 and 107)
13 Kingdom (with Semma) - His n Hers
14 Dee Gatti - Chances
15 Dayone, Duppy Gun - Multiply
16 G Sudden - Tings Hard Dub
17 Piezo - OX
18 Pangaea - Bone Sucka
19 Phelimuncasi - Private Party
20 Pearson Sound - WAD
21 Ghetts, Skepta - IC3
22 Pa Salieu, BackRoad Gee - My Family
23 SL - Felt Tips
24 Deema, David Armada - HASH BROWN
25 Shakey - Slappy
26 ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU - how to kiss a shiver
27 Daona - Nightside of Eden
28 Mount Eerie - Stop Singing
29 Josiah Steinbrick - Full Bloom
30 David Toop - Tiny human figurines made from sand. If you held these to your ear, you heard soft sweet music
31 Angel Bat Dawid - Destination (Dr. Yusef Lateef)
32 Duke Ellington - Serenade to Sweden
33 Magic System - 1er Gaou
34 Zing Mastar, Bentley, Parepa - Lefura
35 El Alfa, Lil Pump - Coronao Now
36 Bunji Garlin - The Struggle
37 Prince Buster - Judge Dread