Boozer jukebox


Oi mate fucking put on a tune innit go on then farking go on put a fucking tune on i dunno fucking go on fuckin ell

(thread to imagine we're all down the pub)


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The Fall was always my go to bar band

Young Thug the go to for getting driven home by your sober girlfriend

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
anything else is a cop-out half measure

have the courage to fucking go all the way or just forget about it, as I believe Churchill once said


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Playing "Closing Time" on repeat is a really good way to encourage people to leave your house when you're ready to call it a night and get to bed.


ere's a great chas and dave number for the jukebox this mardi choosday lunchtime
imagine the old geezers huddling over their pints, 1/2 inch of fag ash drooping, sodden torn up beermats on the sodden sticky carpet, luvverly


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Woops is having a night off tonight or he will be in big trouble with his girlfriend