Cold Steel


Thinking about it, if it was a zombie, you might to keep going at it like that. Do you think the US military trains for a zombie apocalypse?


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Was gonna say that that looks exactly like Forged in Fire (or is it Forged By Fire?) where they gotta make a certain weapon themselves and then subject it to a load of tests - I mean it looks exactly the same like they're using the same targets in the same room. Must be the same show rebranded or something?

I've seen that twice in the last week or so on some freeview channel. It's exactly how you'd expect.


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I used to "train" with a guy who once ran a mail order knife business called "cold steel"

i thought this thread was going to be about the brand

he used to pull us aside after "class" and try and sell us "gloves" ( they had some special properties, I forget the spiel ) or, failing that, places on a "survival course", six days shivering in the Peak District, no mercy, "Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker", etc.,

once he told us about the MI5 plane that was monitoring him when he walking in the park in Chorlton-on-Medlock


if you ever visited him at his home, there would be a khaki kit bag sat right by the front door, and if you asked him "where you going?", he'd answer "just off to see my mates in Herefordshire"

once he came round my flat, and he advised me to attach a rope to my kitchen window so i can abseil down 11 floors when it "all comes on top"