Version appreciation thread


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This is one of my favorite Version stories
I always wind up family members irl by making up silly, mundane things. I told my gran my brother got a part-time job at a hotel bar and she obviously believed it and started asking him about it and he had no idea what was going on.
I told the rest of the family my dad had gifted one of my brothers a set of antique golf clubs even though he didn't play golf and they all said it was disgusting he was playing favourites and giving away valuable items like that.
The trick's to make it about something pedestrian. The kind of thing nobody would assume you'd make up because it's so boring. I once told my mum my brother slept with his slippers on because his duvet was too short and she was like "Oh no! That's awful!", went and told him how sad it was and he was just like "What the hell are you on about?".


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Once Version called smartphones "like carrying muzak or a waiting room TV with you at all times. A balm for the terror of silence"
and I liked that a lot


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Version and I both hate the Reddit cultural norm of putting /s to designate sarcasm, which is how I know we're brothers


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Version is clever, rich, mysterious and aimless. He should really live in LA, in a glass box filled with TV screens, overlooking the city. He's the most glamorous member of the board.

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He should move in with me. Work the yard in the morning, something in the afternoon, something in the evening, audit the cosmos in the night.


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i like him as well. once he had the color turquoise as his profile picture. those were great times. he has invested the color turquoise with his lasting kindness.