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My daughter persuaded me to go on there and that after a while the algorithm would sort out content. It basically hasn’t and my feed is older people making shit jokes or boasting about their lives. And gyrating teenage girls.

There are a few good bits on there with people ranting about shit menial jobs though.



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do people drop out of one social channel when they add another? I don't know how anyone has enough time for tiktok, FB, IG, twitter, YT videos, snapchat, clubhouse, WhatsApp groups, etc., plus real life work, family, friends, Netflix, Hulu, amazon, etc etc etc.

life's better when you live slow: some emails, IG once a day, dissensus. that's all you need.


Yeah I hate that I have fifty different ways of getting a message... phone beeps, but what was it? What has been gained?
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The Cat-Eating Cult on TikTok

A bit of click-bait title, but dodgy commune called "The Garden" accused of trying to recruit members using TikTok

Garden residents raise free-range chickens as a sustainable food source. One day, a cat ventured onto the compound and killed one of the chickens. As The Garden members explain it, they believe in “death for a death.”

The members enacted retribution by killing and skinning the cat. Because the community doesn’t waste anything, they proceeded to cook and eat the dead animal.


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Cult or Commune: Inside 'The Garden'

Vice uploaded a documentary today on the 'TikTok Cat Eating Cult'. It's a good example of how using social media to promote an off grid, permaculture, sustainable living "intentional community" can go horribly wrong, with people creating a satanic panic to boost their own "personal brands"..


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youtube went through a phase of only reccommending me videos of older women trying on sexy outfits and
korean girls doing yoga in lingere. i think it was related to the rise of onlyfans. it has gone back to normal now i guess
they tweaked the algorithm again