Best Scenes in Cinematic History


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this is the famous hardnut takes Ecstasy in the rave scene from Rise of the Footsoldier. make sure you click
one of the UK's most famous and influential COVID skeptics, the Aphex Twin, identifies this very moment as a turning point in culture where all races and classes were united by pills and rave tunes, however, the revolution failed and we moved instead toward authoritarianism


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there's probably 5-10 scenes in Babylon that come to mind but right now as i can't find the scene where Blue comes back to meet his little brother and his dad(and his bro gets beat with the newspaper) i'm gonna settle with this:

got a lad out in Gibraltar to watch it last night(he likes to take potshots at England but at the same time this is a guy who loves the most looking out the window of a saturday morning sobbing over a break-up indie rock shit, his fav band is Cocteau Twins) said he thought the movie was class but the version he had had wonky sound and that getting around the slang took him work

"there's the bit where he's trying to negotiate getting the tune and i understood like 40% of what was being said
even though I knew what was happening lol" - quote from the guy