is not like other people
he's an up and coming young writer, who remarkably has appeared from literally nowhere, never having even posted a facebook update before in his entire career, making a remarkable début out of the most extreme leftfield so far left field that remarkably, you couldn't see him until now.


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woops found his copy days before the actual release and i think it might have been Joe Muggs review copy lol


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the cover would have been way cooler if each hand of the figure was holding a spliff, a gun, a microphone...


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this is the mix to listen to - like a DVD* Director's commentary (no pun)

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I've just remembered that I never read Woebot's book, you can add that to the list with Luka's poetry, Craner's blogs and Kit Mackintosh's book.

Horrible man.


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This has inspired me to write my book "The Quai Ching".

Foreword by... @blissblogger ? @craner ?