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Cat Malogen
It’s a beautiful thing not having to read Tea’s contributions, no punapocalyse, no damp and wilted squirrel-gnawed mushroom pulp passing as an instamoment in a life already creaking, no unanswered question marks, no mushrooms on fuckin toast snaps

Conversely, such heroic acts of self-abasement, ultimately wasted on folks who could care less, mask a genuine tragedy. You might occasionally think of clicking on Show ignored content but it’s like looking at a junky sat on a carousel doing a peep show, all track marked bruises feigning interest the whole time clucking for a dose of home-brewed poppy gunk

Pray to Jesus, Rupert, pray like your life depended on it


Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
Nothing says 'winner' like making sure the person you're ostensibly 'ignoring' knows they can't stop thinking about you 24/7, eh lads?

Mr. Tea

Let's Talk About Ceps
@WashYourHands - on the off-chance you can still see this, please realise that the nagging little demon in your head telling you that you will never be big, hard, macho or good enough - no matter whether you call it "Mr. Tea", the English, Father MacFeelyfingers or Satan himself - is not going to vanish if I stopped posting here tomorrow, or if you did, because it existed long before you spazzed out at me and publicly shat yourself after you got me and catalog confused back in March, and long before you got banned as 'cwmbran_city' several years ago. It will be there forever, no matter how many repugnant and pathetic threats of sexual violence you make, because it is a part of you. It has literally nothing to do with me whatsoever, and I had no ill will towards you at all before you began this deeply cringe and entirely unilateral 'beef' with me.

Now please either get the professional help you obviously and urgently need, or eat a generously packed fentanyl sandwich, I couldn't really give a fuck either way.


McDonald's have taken to producing limited variations on their apple pies and they're absolutely delicious. So far I've had Galaxy caramel pie and a white chocolate and raspberry pie.