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it was the correct choice. blissblogger makes a compelling case, hits the nail on the head imo:

it might not even be a question of bad choons, just the sheer quantity of 'pretty good / decent' clogging up the thread - and also the way that the dogged persistence into the present serves to strip away the mystique and romance of the thread's legendary phase, bound up as it is with a different era

(I suppose you can't blame posters for carrying on - what are they supposed to do with the rest of their lives?)


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Authoritarian killjoys. Whatever happened to democracy and embracing a culture of diverse interests, letting the voters decide instead of crackdowns dictated from on high by a few elitist powerbrokers?
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Enjoying this tune off this album called Tropical by CV Vision. The album is kinda all over the place with funk, surf, exotica, krautsynth, dub etc predictably the one I like best straight off is this krautsynth thing that sounds like a million records I already have... but then again, the reason I have all of those is cos I like records that sound like that so..

Some might argue it's SO similar to this one that no collection needs both but I would beg to differ. Maybe one day I will do a whole four hour mix of moody German synth stuff with each track barely distinguishable from any other.



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nice bit of info and comment there rich, nice to see tunes posted in this thread with a nice bit of info and comment, instead of tracks, posted without any info or comment.


I guess that some take the position that, as this is the (resurrected) tune of the day thread, it could be said that each post implicitly contains the statement "this is, just now, the best of all the tunes I have listened to today and, as such, I place it unadorned into the Tune of the Day thread where it stands (or falls) alone on its own merits without the need for further context, explanation or indeed any words whatsoever".

However, I, as a garrulous person whom some have likened to an Energizer Bunny (whatever that may be) prefer a stance more akin to "there is a space for putting words in so I will put some fucking words in it".