mr tea stuck a toadstool up his bum

  1. luka

    I’m stuck in a miserable and futile existence

    woops told me to read this and the comments lol Guardian Pick Beautiful clothes can be bought cheaply at charity shops, as can books. Books can also be borrowed for free if you have a nearby library. Some of us find that walking in local green spaces is a good way to improve our mental...
  2. linebaugh

    Gerard Butler

    Ive watched 4 films by Gerard Butler in the past week
  3. M

    being mistaken for younger than you are

    been thinking about the implications of this lately.
  4. linebaugh

    The Normie Cultural Mafia

  5. linebaugh

    Mvuents Twitter

    Despite what he would like us to think, @mvuent isnt turning his life around with time away from the site, he's just been using twitter more. Im the only one who interacts with him on there anyway so I think he should just use this thread like he would his twitter. Anything that would go on...
  6. DLaurent

    The sickest BREAKDOWNS

    From any genre. What are your favourites? Spine tingling euphoric or goose pimples darkness as below. The reason for the thread - I was chatting to someone about Trance. I told him I don't know the first thing about Trance. He told me it's not all supersaws and drum rolls and the best bits...
  7. Leo

    Choon of the Day, redux

  8. C

    Mushrooms, fungi, mycelium - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc.

    We're getting on for that time of year. I think it's high time we had a dedicated thread. Expecting a lot of strong content from @Mr. Tea
  9. luka

    Benny B's Nursing Home Gramaphone Listening Club

  10. luka

    A Passion For Denmark.

    this forum is teeming with Danes. What do we know about them?
  11. sufi

    Apple is Dodgy

    A thread for Apple users to get all defensive
  12. G

    Jeremy Corbyn

    let's av it
  13. Z

    Films You've Seen Recently and Don't Know WTF to think

    saw Red State last night. starts out as standard horror with some kind of awkward realism and a fundie christian twist, so far so good. and then it becomes a shoot-out action thriller. kind of. but not really. on one hand i didn't really give a damn about any of the characters (nothing...
  14. C

    Cover versions that you prefer to the original

    I can't think of any at the moment.
  15. slim jenkins


    Any other fans out there? Yes, I know, the subject of many a joke amongst certain kinds of snobs but every time we've been I've thought it the most amazing country - the estuaries West of Snowdonia, the park itself, of course, and Tenby, one of the greatest resorts in the UK (photographer...
  16. bruno

    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    and my brother's too. the head fucking drone of digeridoo, the wide-eyed utopia of selected ambient works I, the vast inner planes of selected ambient works II. a soundtrack to a life of intense love, thought, exploration, escapism, the glimpse of possibilities that in hindsight were a...
  17. IdleRich

    Italian Election

    So, looks as though it's been close as could be but with a little bit of luck Berlusconi is finally going to be out on his ear and I for one couldn't be more pleased. Still, I'm not counting my chickens until he's actually admitted defeat.