Gen Z junglizm


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yes that's exactly what i'm saying, except obviously its a yearning for a multiplicity of metaversi, i know you meant to say that
i think i agree with what's his name out of Godspeed you black emperor when he said all this breathy singing that's popular now makes these people sound like date rapists


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@shakahislop i say this with no disrespect but sometimes when i've seen people lately talk about gender and dance music and how pitched out vocals bring out the feminine non binary or whatever it just reeks of "i guess we have to bring this into the discussion since we can't pretend like trans people don't exist anymore"


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Every other release on bandcamp has a nod to dnb these last few months? Some of it is fairly accomplished and gets close to the spirit but it is surely a big ask for a re-run of this particular formula to get past tribute and reach a point of innovation. It's interesting though still, like its coming from all sorts of countries and producers who might be known for something else all seem to be trying their hand at it.

Has there been some DJ off my radar on Rinse France or something championing dnb or is this the result of lockdown providing an opportunity for the kids to finally dig into the hits?


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If you look at this Japanese producer’s soundcloud page he’s very in touch with Gen Z aesthetics and a kind of post-vaporwave style, but zoomer would-be junglists would do well to take notes on his “meta-soundclash” ragga anthem released back in ‘20



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No although I did hear and was tricked by that one recently

This is it – the vocal isn't like an 80s tune but the production



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this is like getting in the time machine, except the coordinates are set not quite to the absolute best era - more like 2002 and DJ Marky Mark "LK (It's the Way)"/ "Carolina Carol Bela" (which is not the last d&B tune I liked but the last one I spent money to buy).

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Ive found a few of these mixtapes of contemporary artcore type stuff recently. Some decent moments, there's an unpretentiousness to it all, a sense of getting back to basics. Freshness.