Gen Z junglizm

to do some reductive and problematic jungle gender studies you might hear a tension between masculine and feminine elements through the 90s stuff but in this recent example youre hearing an almost postgender yearning for the metaverse. thats what youre saying?
in terms of vocals this stuff is also strikingly less sexy than OG jungle, garage and dnb - its either infantile or alien / avatar sounding - to massively generalise


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the fakesimiles are getting more and more convincing
it's difficult not to assess them purely on how much they can pass as old school, i'm not sure is that the point or not

A lot of this stuff instantly registers as “soundcloud jungle” because of the lo-fi-via-plugins sound quality but also the singular focus on “deep” “atmospheric” vibes with little of the mastery or vision of the stuff their aping.

This slate of anonymous releases on GBW (or a lot of other stuff on the label) on the other hand could fool just about anyone

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