Winter Warz


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I thought that slowness was part of what made a song cold, but listening to that Basic Channel and the Joy Division one I posted again it isn't essential - even if it can be very effective, e.g. the Thomas Koner stuff on the first page.


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has anyone ever actually heard this record?
I think I listened when I first read that post, but I can't remember it all. It's surely nowhere near as good as he makes it sound. Probably better off not hearing it and just hanging onto the words.


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Yee-haws in winter drunk murder ballad iterations, another facet of depression depending on your constitution/watched McCabe and Mrs Miller recently

Coil chords give way to icicles of depression, repost but when they’re good they’re the best

Nurse take you out into the Peaks tripping and drive off while you’re lost in a fountain of crystalloid piss taking a leak



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the current active topics, sleeping, dreaming, freak waves and the catastrophe had me thinking of this painting. an imagination of the arctic sea as friedrich never actually visited the arctic or had been up so far north. the text is from esther leslie's "liquid crystals: the science and art of a fluid form"


"Caspar David Friedrich’s 'Sea of Ice’; the frosty sublime; imagined
shipwrecks; Hamburg; the moon, the sea, the earth; Kant and the
trade winds; diamonds; money, liquid and crystal, frozen wastes
of abstraction; ice-up; money as a liquid crystal; 'as if'; liquidation
of the self; everything is water; society is no solid crystal; crystals
in crystal; melting polar caps; black ice; Urforms and liquid crystal
screens; states, phases and metaphors; stabil; labil; matter and
thought; water; displays; clouds; liquid crystals"
"This is sublimity beyond the sublime drama of nature. It is a peculiar cold sublime, in which sublime experience is displaced. This is a scene depicting the after-effects of nature’s immense and indifferent powers. It pictures the afterwards of sublime tumult, when everything might continue as ongoing catastrophe, or when, possibly, there might be respite, a caesura."


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Drake's signature sound (the stuff produced by 40 et al) is very consciously wintry. Something about the muffled harmonics which evokes looking at currents through an ice sheet. If that's not too pretentious.

Now I come to think of it "Started from the bottom" sample sounds not unlike that Roc Marciano


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Embarrassing roadman impersonation but

The aesthetic is all snowy

I suppose there might be a sort of kinship between Toronto and London both the West Indian population and miserable weather