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such a poor excuse of a film

edit: they manage to cram in a couple of references to proper blockbusters, but fail to deliver on every count; exploitation at it's finest
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Yeah, I like it but it's not "bitchin'". A bitchin' image is a garish presentation of fire, guns, skulls etc. The kind of thing you can imagine a certain kind of American man making this face to.


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"Bitchin' images", as conceived of in this thread, strike me as being culturally very white. Would the black analogue therefore be something like late-90s Cash Money album covers?

cash_money2.jpg cash_money.jpg (etc.)
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Padme is the only one that's bitching, I agree. Should I delete the others?
Please don't delete, I'm completely at sea here so any clearly marked erroneous images will be very handy, sort of like a lighthouse placed on the non-rockin rocks to help me navigate away from them, through the narrow straits of cool between the shallows of sadness, past the whirlpool of good taste and finally into the calm harbour of utterly bitchin' where I can safely drop anchor.