Tangerine Dream


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it's not the blissed out cosmic visions of the 70s though, much more pulsating. almost proto-trance, but in the best way, very cold.
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I Saw God and/or Tangerine Dream​

"When worlds collide, someone has to take the slide."​


Originally published April 18, 1977

I decided it would be a real fun idea to get fucked up on drugs and go see Tangerine Dream with Laserium. So I drank two bottles of cough syrup and subwayed up to Avery Fisher Hall for a night I’ll never forget...


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They're still going despite Froese's death. There's a new album out next month,

I listened to this concert from 2018 (i.e. post-Froese) while mildly high on NYE, and really enjoyed it. If the gig in March is anything like this, I'll be pretty chuffed. Have laid in some lysergic goodies for it, too.



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Everything listed above. Thought the lads are all over this, so can only repeat Epsilon in Malaysian Pale was my own default pick. Goes a million miles further than epic, even for an alarming consistent discography. Heard Steve Cobby fuck around using it over 90bpm beats many moons ago, spectacular

If you listen to Coil when Thighpaulsandra joined, you hear TD’s synth array sounds increasingly filtering in. Seemed to have influenced every generation since


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Funny to see this thread, I picked up a Tangerine Dream CD last week called "Optical Race" completely at random. 1988 stuff, they made the entire thing on a computer, so it's pretty digital sounding, but that's what I like. Here's a track:



There is a sci-fi series called Revelation Space written by Alastair Reynolds - so-called "hard sci-fi" cos he has a phd in astrophysics and so the science stuff about space travel and gravity and so on is all correct. I wouldn't exactly say that the books are good overall, they have some intriguing ideas in there - the whole thing is based on his mooted solution to The Fermi Paradox - and there are cool sequences with, for instance, huge and eerily empty spaceships evocatively called up, but when he comes to writing people it's a different story. Better characters and their development could easily be created by a child and as for dialogue... forget it. Anyway, I mention it here cos in the second book (which is as far as I got) in the trilogy called Redemption Ark Reynolds reveals that, as well as being a serious hard scientist with all kinds of academic qualifications in real subjects that need proper maths, he is also a far-out hippy rocker at heart.

Ten years later, Nevil Clavain is facing problems in the Conjoiner mother nest; he is struggling to find answers as to what happened to Galiana (he is unaware that she is still alive) and about Felka, who he believes may be his daughter. He ponders this as he leaves on a mission, during which he rescues Antoinette Bax as she buries her father in the gas giant Tangerine Dream. Her ship severely damaged, Antoinette limps back to the Rust Belt, a ring of orbital habitats around Yellowstone.

In the next book the protagonist is a guy from Jupiter called Fred and he has to battle with a death cult known as The Cosmic Jokers which originate in the feared death cult of Ash Ra Tempel. Probably.


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i once downloaded a job lot of painfully dull klaus schulze albums, all with dreadful titles like 'timewind'


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i got it out the library and read it probably before id ever heard any actual rock by krauts