Harry Styles As it was


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I don't like the indie circus drums. That light depressed melody and the vocal production takes a lot from the Drake lineage obviously. There are bits of it that sound like a Christmas song which I hate, where he suddenly pitches up to a falsetto. You're right that his anguish on the word 'as' is nice, that's probably the best bit of the song. I like the bits which are more spoken. The bits where the church bells come in is ridiculous. Overall I think I can't relate to whatever emotion he's trying to express here and while I'm not totally anti-pop and not totally anti- this kind of sound, it's a bit too wet and cheesy for my palette I think


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he just has difficulty judging tone. its becasue he was home-schooled. its not really his fault.


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peculiar song because it sounds like it was written as a jaunty summer pop tune but his singing style and delivery is so sadsack and sheepish. prob a sign of the times

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its also odd that we're almost at a stage now where having neck tattoos is a sign of being a total normoid
Eminem, Lil Wayne, Winehouse and Beckham are to blame imo for the tats craze. Thankfully the prison-type tattoo trend appears to be dying (apart from with face tats)

In my town there's about 7 tattoo shops for c.30K people - they have been in fashion here for the past 150 years
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