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its not a playlist its just songs Ive listened to quite a bit this summer. approach it like the LISTEN TO THIS NOW thread


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i had a dream that we were 1-1 with spurs at the 90th minute, ref added on 6 minutes of stoppage time, and martineli and saka scored two in the 95th and 96th minute.

That's when I saw how much west Ham fans love to fantasise about torturing de tottenhum men. Never seen anything like it from Luke and the hammers who had bought tickets in our end. Total and utter orgiastic carnage. I don't think they'll ever be allowed to go to football again.

Naturally, I approve of terrorısıng the tottenhum. They are the most hideous English bacon sarnie subhumans to walk on gods green earth. Worse than Man Citeh gallaghers even. No mean feat.
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