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Truss eyes bonfire of workers’ rights to boost economy

The foreign secretary, who is expected to be confirmed as Britain’s next prime minister on Monday, wants to review existing EU worker protections, including the 48-hour working week,

The new government is also understood to want to look at rules on taking breaks and calculating holiday pay that guarantees most people four weeks’ holiday a year plus bank holidays.


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that's bleak. i wonder if it correlates with a higher acceptance for slagging off, having a few at lunch etc.

suppose that doesn't need to be the case. and we already do that here anyway...
In my experience that's what America is like. No holiday and heavy working hours as we know, but a lot more disappearing off all afternoon for no apparent reason, extended dentists appointments on work hours, going off to file your taxes on work hours and so on
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wild greens

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Ive done a few 50+ weeks they're not good, especially when you get into the 6 days on territory. Starts to all blur

I have gone volte face now though


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Joking aside, it's weird to think of a PM in that situation, but whatever. I don't really care what they're into as long as it's consensual.