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adbusters was a revelation to me at the time, never look at it now but it was a portal, i remember the experience of reading it being very similar to what it feels like to go to look at contemporary art now, the way it only clicked one time out of ten but when it did it was like coming to an understanding of something about the world that you'd only vaguely noticed right at the back of your mind before


i used to go to the borders in oxford all the time when i was on jobseekers, i'd jump the train in (pre-barriers) sit there with a coffee and grab about four magazines (adbusters, wire, soundings, others that weren't as good) and sit there for a few hours on a saturday in the starbucks and put them back on the shelves which apparently was totally fine and a profitable business model for both borders and the magazine publishers.

We were allowed to take books from the store, read em and then put them back on the shelves to sell.


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The only Borders I’ve ever been in was in the ground floor of the World Trade Center. We all know how that turned out.

it was actually a great place to waste time. Similar to @shakahislop, I’d go and read the NME and Melody Maker (when they were both still good), kill an hour instead of paying $$ import prices. They also sold CDs and had an impressive art book section.

Too bad @IdleRich drove them into the ground.


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I was in the head office not one of the stores but it was sort of behind and above the Tottenham Court Road store... which is now a TK Maxx or something I think.

Do you mean the Charing Cross Road branch opposite Foyles?


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Lula wins in Brazil, and pretty much all of the election deniers here lost in the midterms, some by big margins. Maybe people have gotten the disruption out of their systems.

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This turn to the Americans gets more bizarre by the minute.

Her premiership was so ephemeral that it seems bizarre to see her referred to as 'former Prime Minister'. It's like calling someone a 'former actor' because they once played a sheep in a nativity play when they were five.


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not bizarre at all, logical consequence of Brexit.

Right, but it's bizarre to actually hear her speak at CPAC. She has no charisma and is delivering these terrible, flat lines to an audience who probably have no idea who she is. It's like dropping Mr. Bean on stage.