Hollywood Babylon


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Horsely wrote a terrible book called The Matrix Warrior which is kinda like a self-help/magick book to help you fight your way out teh mattri8x, I shit you not. He is not someone I'd take as a credible source on those kind of accusations.
for me hes a bit too gross but i would say you are not going to read that sort of person becasue theyre credible sources youre reading them becasue they're mad and mad people can be interesting


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everyones a nonce in their worlds, just as every public figure is in the illuminati/part of the conspiracy


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Funnily enough, same is true of Crowley, Grant and all the occultists who get these guys upset. You read them cos they're mad, not to be taken literally.


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My gut feeling is the Nazi stuff was him playing around with the imagery rather than because he was a true believer or anything like that. Obviously it's not great either way and it was considered transgressive for a reason, but these conspiracy blogger / tweeter types seem to seize on crumbs to bolster the most outlandish interpretation possible.

Another thing worth mentioning's that Anger claimed he left Hollywood for Europe because of McCarthy and the Red Scare. I doubt he'd have given a shit if he were a fascist.


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wrote this in the RIP thread:

I appreciate his films but have a weird impression of him. he gave a talk at my college and came off as a really crass salesman, spent more time hyping and manning his merch table than speaking about the films.


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i checked the horsley book and the sum total of what he says about Ken Anger is not a lot and nothing about noncing.

When Kubrick went to Los Angeles for the film, he met Curtis Harrington and Gavin Lambert, who "introduced him to what they regarded as its secret delights, like the home of so-called 'male witch' Samson DeBrier on Barton Avenue in Hollywood, a mecca for every oddball in the city." This included Ivor Stravinsky, James Dean, and Kenneth Anger, who shot Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome there. According to Baxter, DeBrier's home may have been “the model for Quilty's decaying mansion in Lolita" (ibid., p. 78). Anger was a Crowleyite whose involvement with the darker aspects of occultism—and ties to groups like the Process Church, the Manson family, and intelligence programs such as MKULTRA-are as striking as his influence on major filmmakers such as Kubrick, Scorsese, and David Lynch.

So entirely disinformation on my part there, I'm sorry.

I blame Luka