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"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
Do you not find yourself thinking "This would be loads better if it was a spliff"?


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good call @luka I've watched a few of those davidoff videos and i think this is the next move in my search for a truly refined lifestyle. i hope to visit London myself some day.


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would you recommend Cubans? or new world offerings? what price point do you recommend for a beginner? any tips on how not to rush the first puff, robbing myself in a manner of speaking?


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the invicta brand of new world cigars offer good value for money. the cubans at the same price point have mostly been so tightly wrapped you cant smoke the cunts. that petit edmundo was a cool £40 though so should be grand.


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Rude Velvet

Awright, Gorgias?
The village fishmonger closed about a year ago. Today I noticed it will reopen as cigar shop.
Excited, I'm going to get myself a couple for that blessed week between Christmas and NY.

Open to recommendations - it looks like they'll have those petit edmundos, £29 each

Benny B

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At the bar I'm in now there is a, I'm guessing, 60 year old man smoking a disgusting-smelling cheap cigar and blasting out Dr Dre's The Next Episode at full blast on his mobile phone, wtaf? I need to get out of here.