UK Garage that sounds like electro (sort of) OR Do my job for me part 15


In the "Tune of the day (redux)" the other day @WashYourHands posted this one

Which reminded me that, although an awful lot of UK garage sounds terrible to me, and worse than terrible, annoying, there is the odd bit like that one which has this real minimal, skeletal feel which strips out all the shit stuff and leaves you with this minimal chassis of brittle beats, bass and the occasional spiky bleep. A good example of what I'm talking about might be this one which weirdly I bought on twelve inch when it came out.

So thinking of the robot skeleton on which these tunes are made my mind instantly turned to the terminator stamping on a human skull at the start of Terminator 2, and from that to sci-fi in general. And basically I thought about how it might work (and it might be fun) to find garage stuff that builds sci-fi bleeps and bass and acid type noises on to that skeleton and then to see if I could mix it with the electro-acid-whatever stuff I play when I dj. I reckon that in Portugal almost all garage will be totally unknown and maybe with the huge basslines and bouncy energy it will add a new dimension and mash things up. Or maybe it won't. Either way will be fun to learn about this stuff which I always despised and looked down on and admit that in some ways parts of what I thought were, if looked at in a certain way, almost close to being something like a tiny bit not quite right.

I had a look through the dark garage thread on here and pissed around on youtube and... I guess I'm thinking of stuff like this, from a minute in the sound palette feels very familiar. It's like someone took the stuff I play and "swung" the beats.

Same goes for this, heavy as fuck

This also cool, though, despite all the comments it doesn't sound that dark to me... also it doesn't sound that "swingy" to me, I dunno.

So more tips like this please. Thoughts on what I'm saying etc is there anyone famous who mixes electro and acid or whatever it is I play with garage and can you link me to sets doing that? Cheers all....



This is more like it. Stripped down to only the good bits. Purely for my own purposes I would like it with sci-fi fx (bleeps. explosions, static crackle etc) on top of it though. Do you get uk garage with 303s acid screeches over the top? I'm sure you must. One thing i don't think I've heard though is uk garage with one of those robotic vocals that you get loads of in many many genres but especially electro - I think a cool robot voice could sit perfectly on top of these basslines but... is it cos they think it would fuck up the mc-ing? And if so why not just have a vocal version and an instro too?

This tune has absolutely all of the above and the kitchen sink too chucked madly into the mix with roughly the kind of vocal I mean at 1.45 - I'm not asking for ones that go as crazy for sci-fi noises as this but there must be some that use part of that toolkit cos I reckon it would fit so well with the bass sounds that you do always get.



pass the sick bucket
that dexorcist tune is outsider garage though (not saying that as a diss, like Luke would.) garage was mostly a cultural revolt away from techno sounds, back to organicity, sexiness, human touch etc. you might want to look into playing some late 90s dnb at 33, because it's based on the same principles as 2step garage.

that being said have some more outsider garridge:

Loads of so solid crew and pulse x, black ops style 8 bar has the raw simplicity of some of the best electro and plays well with it
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